Investing in this new and evolving field should be done by industry experts and not just anyone

In the past few years, the Cyber Intelligence industry has grown and undergone a major process of greater specialization. In 2019, the young industry already represented 7% of Israel’s overall defense exports. Although there has been a lively public discussion about the limits of use of Cyber Intelligence technology, even those who condemn it, realize that we are talking about an important industry that is here to stay.

Cyber Security challenges post Covid-19

The unprecedented spread of Covid-19 worldwide, which is still going strong, has brought about changes in many day-to-day activities — for example the shift from face-to-face meetings to online virtual meetings. There are many new ways of doing things that we have now all become used to, from consulting the family doctor, through fitness training and school studies, and onto working from home. In one fell swoop, humanity has understood how much it is possible that can be done and how easy it is to do it, from anywhere, using our computer or mobile phone.

This trend has strengthened and…

Omri Lavie

Tech Entrepreneur | Don’t believe in Unicorns.

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